Meet me at the Barre

Okay, no, not your local pub.. Come on guys, it’s 6:45 in the morning. What do you think I am, a drunk? Although I do enjoy a glass of sangria sometimes before noon but that’s besides the point.

Before I dive into details of what Barre3 is and why it has made such an impact on my life, here’s a back story of my previous workout routine.  A few years ago, aka before kids, I would go to the gym every morning. The only thing I wanted to do at the gym was run on the treadmill. I never wanted to venture onto something different because I was always afraid of becoming ‘too bulky’. So I would spend an hour on the treadmill five- six times a week with very little to show from it besides sore knees and feet. Eventually I stopped running and going to the gym all together.

Fast forward 4 years later, still sitting here drinking my coffee, I was determined to find a work out routine that fits my lifestyle. That’s when I met Barre3. Barre3 is a local yoga/ pilates studio that I have had the pleasure to be apart of for the past few months. It delivers a full body workout using a low impact intensity. Honestly, I didn’t think much about going into my first class. I thought ” I’ve done hot yoga before, how much harder can this be.” After the first fifteen minutes, I was sweating more than I have ever done in my life. And, well, you can say that I immediately ate my words and they tasted like dirt.

Whether young or old, pear-shaped or apple-shaped, or tall or skinny, I’ve seen you in my class. There’s something so empowering about finding a work out routine that not only makes my body stronger, but also my mind. We start off with simple breathing techniques to clear our mind of all the junk, followed by 45 minutes of small range movements, sustained holds and cardio bursts that create a sense of achievement after each class. In the short time that I have been a Barre3 member, I have already seen changes in my body. I notice that I don’t have back pain anymore every time I pick up my 3-year-old. I notice my pants fitting a little looser. But most importantly I notice confidence in myself that I have not seen in a very long time.


Are you using your children as an excuse to not work out? Being a mom of two young ones, I get that it’s hard to find time to pee by yourself, let alone work out by yourself. However, Barre3 has a solution for that. They’ve created 300+ workout that you can stream right from your living room. You don’t even have to leave your pajamas to feel balanced and empowered. I call that a win-win in my book.

Trust me, I still have so much work left to do, but I am one step further to getting there.



P.s- If you are a Phoenix local, I’d love to take you to a class with me! Comment below. Your first one is FREE!

Take a look for yourself: Barre3

(This post is in no way sponsored by Barre3. These are my honest and unbiased opinions.)

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